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Christchurch DBA Competitions 2017

With Natcon’s DBA competition complete we can turn our attention to the other planned DBA events in Christchurch. As such details of three DBA competitions to be held here in Christchurch over 2017 are now on-line.

The popular DBA Open, comprising an Ancient Section (May) and Medieval Section (June) are first in the calendar. These events often draw many locals so promise to be hotly contested. With the Ancients Section due in a few weeks it’s time to organise yourself.

Later in the year the Woolston DBA Challenge (December) will have a theme that covers Greece, Macedonian and Punic Wars from 430BCE to 146BCE. Hopefully this theme and an ability for players to use two armies should provide additional variety. It’s worth noting that the date for this is designed to appeal to those holidaying with family in Christchurch.

We can’t, as yet, provide details on Conquest DBA as they are yet to be confirmed. The owner of Comics, who organises the overall convention, has sold his business. I understand that the new owners will be continuing to run Conquest – so watch this space.

As always visit the Tournament Section of this site for additional information on the format, dates and of course registration.

Christchurch DBA Competitions

We have recently confirmed the dates and formats for the main DBA events in Christchurch, New Zealand during 2016. I thought it time to post the information on-line to assist out of town players considering attending and for locals to prepare that new army you’ve been considering. 

Each year in Christchurch we hold the DBA Open Championship. This comprises two tournaments held several months apart. The first tournament is DBA Open Ancient Tournament which is scheduled for the 3rd of July. This tournament covers armies up to 450AD and comprises five rounds. The DBA Open Medieval Tounament, covering armies from 451AD will be held on the 11th of December. Players scores from each event are combined to determine the overall DBA Open winner. Full details on the DBA Open can be found here.

One of the other major wargame conventions in Christchurch is Conquest. While Conquest is a two day convention the DBA competition will run over a single day, Saturday the 5th November. The DBA competition will have six rounds comprised of three Ancient rounds in the morning followed by three Medieval rounds in the afternoon. This format will support the increasing numbers of players building armies and provide plenty of variety within a single day of gaming. Full details of the Conquest DBA Competition can be found here

I hope we see you at one or more of these events.

New Zealand DBA Events

A short note to draw your attention to no less than three DBA events to be held in Christchurch in the coming months.

The first is the Medieval Tounament of the DBA Open Championship. This is the second and final tournament of the Open Championship. It is scheduled to take place on Sunday the 6th December. This tournament comprises five rounds of gaming with armies with a list date after 450AD. Details can be found here.

This is followed by a very informal event on Sunday the 3rd January 2016, the Woolston DBA Challenge. This year it has a theme covering “The Rise of Greece & Rome 600BC to 146BC”. Again it comprises five rounds but players can change armies after two games as long as the second army has a later date. Details can be found here.

Finally, as part of the larger Warclouds convention a single day DBA event will be run on the 6th of February. This comprises six rounds with an Ancient and Medieval section. Last year this had a good number of players deploying their armies. Full details can be found here.

Cancon 15mm DBA 2016 – Registration Open

Greg Kelleher the DBA organiser for CANCON, which is held in Canberra Australia each year, advises registration for DBA is now open. The 15mm DBA competition will be a two day tournament, each of six rounds, and will use DBA 3.0. The dates for the DBA competition are Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th of January 2016.

The first day will be restricted to armies from Books 1 and 2, whilst on the second day only armies from Books 3 and 4 will be eligible to be used. There will be a Books 1 and 2 champion, a Books 3 and 4 champion and an overall champion, as well as other prize categories. Armies will be restricted to 12 elements chosen for each tournament with no variation between games. Allies are permitted.

Full details can be found here.