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Chalons on Screen

There have been some excellent DBA videos released over recent months which I have enjoyed watching. These DBA videos are mostly pitched at illustrating how to play the game and as such provide an excellent resource for new players and some entertainment for those of us with some experience of DBA.

Over the weekend I have spent some time painting figures to expand one of my DBA armies into a BBDBA army. During one of my breaks I took time to browse the Society of Ancients Forum. While exploring I came across an interesting post regarding a video of a refight of the Battle of Chalons in 451AD. This refight is part of an television series produced many years ago. Despite its age it seemed an ideal resource to explore while paint on my own Romans, though of an earlier period, dried.

Now, clearly it is more an item of nostalgia and certainly not DBA related. However, in my view it was interesting. Well presented figures, for its day, are moved around the customised battlefield by two gentlemen, one of which is Bob O’Brien of WRG fame. Edward Woodward explains the battle and its refight in miniature while stirring music plays at selected times. As to rules they are likely WRG 5th Edition, or so I have read. All stirring stuff with any rule set. If you are interested you can find the Battle of Châlons here.

Now, back to my painting…


DBA FAQ Update – January 2018

The team working on the the DBA Frequently Asked Question file have just released an update.

This update provides eight new entries. Perhaps the most notable are those providing clarity around conforming and turning to face when single elements are attacked from the flank and rear. In addition it considers a couple of minor points that periodically are missed, or which occur less frequently.

The most up to date file, available as a PDF, can be found in the “DBA Resources” section of this site.

Updated DBA 3.0 FAQ 

The team working on the the DBA Frequently Asked Question file have just released a minor update which includes just two new points.

The FAQ aims to clarify common questions that have been submitted since the last update and that have come up in a number of games. The file can be found in the “DBA Resources” section of this site.

Ancient Pharos

My travels in Croatia continue and recently I managed a short stay on the Island of Hvar, and in particular the town of Stari Grad. Originally founded by the Greeks in 385 BC the town was called Pharos.

I’ve posted a short summary of my exploration around Pharos, and the adjoining Stari Grad Plain which is another UNESCO World Heritage site.

I have compiled a short post called “In the Footsteps of Demetrius of Pharos” for those interested.