Welcome to my Ancient and Medieval wargaming site. My aim with this site is to support wargaming of these periods using the De Bellis Antiquitatis (DBA) rules. Occasionally I will have the odd diversion.

The Ancient and Medieval periods have developed to one of the more popular historical wargaming periods. The period is known for great empires and generals. The names of Hannibal, Alexander the Great and Giaus Julius Caesar capture the imagination of both young and old, while others, perhaps less known, are just as colourful. These generals campaigned over a vast time frame in which kingdoms and empires grew and vanished. Battles were fought and lost while armies and tactics evolved. Democracies were founded, republics developed and kings and tyrants would come and go, often overnight.

My own primary interests focus on the period from Classical Greece through the Macedonian and Successor periods to the Punic Wars and finally the early Roman Empire. However, this site will also cover my travels to other sub-periods of Ancient and Medieval history. So don’t be surprised to read of excursions to the Dark Ages or indeed the Medieval periods.


My wargaming of this period was limited until the release of “De Bellis Antiquitatis” (DBA) in 1990 and my adoption of 15mm miniatures. Though like many I had played a few games using earlier rule sets including those by WRG and Charles Grant. However, 15mm and DBA were a turning point. At last Ancient and Medieval wargaming was on my agenda, and on a regular basis.

For a time, like many Ancient wargamers, I adopted “De Bellis Multitudinis” (DBM). Though I hasten to point out in an attempt to get more games with a wider player base rather than any dislike of the DBA rules. However, my preference has always been towards fighting battles between historical, or near historical, opponents. This was not always possible and rather than play games between non-historical opponents, often in competitive environments, my Ancient wargaming lapsed.

That was at least until around 2006 when I “rediscovered” DBA and since then have been enjoying the wargaming aspects of the period once again. DBA offers much to the wargamer. It is has a low cost entry point both in terms of figure cost but also in painting time, yet can be scaled up for larger games. Games are ideal for the time restricted, yet provide considerable depth. I often play DBA mid week when even a couple of hours allows for two challenging games as well as time for discussions with my opponents. In addition competitions of five or six rounds, can be played in a single day. Due to the cost of armies these competitions can be easily themed to ensure historical opponents are used.

I trust you find something of interest here and visit again soon.