General Articles

The following is a short selection of articles relating to Ancient or Medieval wargaming and military history. I trust that you find these of interest.

The Battle of Mantinea 418BC:

The first battle of Mantinea was a fought at a time when Sparta’s military supremacy on land had been compromised by defeat at Sphacteria in 425 BC. The battle was crucial for Sparta as defeat would result in the loss of Tegea to the Argives and with it communication with Sparta’s allies to the north. Mantinea demonstrated once again the military qualities of the Spartan hoplite despite the blundering of the Spartan King, Agis, on the battlefield. This short description of the battle was published in Slingshot, the Journal of the Society of Ancients, in September 2006. It can be downloaded here.

DBA in New Zealand – Reflections on 2011:

A short summary DBA activities here in New Zealand during 2011. This article was originally written for Slingshot, Journal of the Society of Ancients, and published in January 2012. You can download a copy of the article here.