Cancon DBA – 2023

I am advised by the organisers that registrations are now open for 15mm DBA competition at Cancon 2023.

For those who are unaware Cancon is hosted in Canberra Australia in late January of each year. From a DBA perspective, Cancon hosts the largest DBA competition in Australia and New Zealand.

This year the competition follows a reasonably standard format. Specifically the DBA event runs over two days. The Ancient competition, comprising six one hour rounds, runs on the first day with armies selected from armies from Section 1 & 2. This is followed by the second day but now armies are selected from Section 3 and 4, creating effectively a Dark Age and Medieval competition. For those with limited time or armies you can register for either day.

Above, one of the games from a previous Cancon DBA competition, where two medieval armies are engaged.

If you think you could be interested be sure and visit the official website for specific information on the Cancon 2023 15mm DBA Competition. Secure your place – don’t delay!

7 thoughts on “Cancon DBA – 2023

      1. I believe Cancon has used this larger playing area for a number of years, perhaps due to the preference of the original organisers. Here in New Zealand a 60cm x 60cm playing area has been in use for many years across all the DBA competitions I am aware of.

      2. 70cm x 70cm boards were introduced back under V2.2 to encourage the use of LH heavy armies. In that respect it was a successful move. Since then the larger boards have continued to be used at CANCON and MOAB.

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