DBA Resources

While the DBA rules are a complete gaming system as with most rules some additional tools and guides invariably are produced by players. This page provides a small selection of resources and amendments for player use.


This frequently asked question file for DBA 3.0 has been produced by a number of the members who formed part of the development team. The aim is to answer questions that commonly come up. The current version, released in October 2022, can be found here.

DBA Playing Conventions:

There are some questions not addressed in the DBA FAQ file above. I use these playing conventions at events I run here in New Zealand. This file may be updated periodically so check back occasionally.

DBA Quick Reference Sheet:

There have been several quick reference sheets constructed by players around the world. One, originally developed by Paul Hannah and Eric Donaldson, formed the basis for further development for my own use. My revised DBA 3.0 quick reference sheet can be found here.

DBA Score Cards:

Different tournaments use varying scoring systems, driven by the organisers individual preferences. I use a 0-8 scoring system for our local DBA competitions. We feel that this provides sufficient granularity to avoid count-backs while rewarding both winning and losing players. It discourages draws, which I believe is particularly important. My version, in the form of a DBA Score Card or a BBDBA Score Card can be printed off for players or organisers.