Warclouds 2016 – DBA Report

Each February the Warclouds Convention is held in Christchurch. As is now regular, a 15mm DBA competition forms part of this larger convention. The format for DBA is six rounds, each of one hour, over one day. There are three games using Ancients armies in the morning, which can include armies with a list date of up to 450AD. A further three rounds follows in the afternoon using Dark Age and Medieval armies, lists with a date from 451AD. It is an interesting format and provides, in my view additional variety as players field two different armies during a single day competition.

Unfortunately player numbers were down with a number of regulars away for the long weekend, a combination of work commitments and holidays. However, we had one player who travelled to attend and two new players. Of these new players one had only just started playing DBA and another was relatively new to DBA 3.0.

With player numbers uneven in the Ancient section I stood down, to avoid byes. As a result a round robin system was used to determine the morning draw. In the afternoon, a late arriving player turged up, even numbers existed and a Swiss chess format was used.

Above and below, Camillian Romans engage Athenians in what became a very interesting battle of two predominantly spear armies. Angus has been playing DBA for a year now and these Romans are his fifth army. The two well presented armies were complimented by well presented terrain which was a feature across all the games.

The main feature of Brian’s Classical Indians is of course his elephant corps. These Indians have a string of victories under early versions of DBA but have struggled under 3.0. This photo was taken during a battle against the Nabataeans, a largely bow army, who held the Indians to a draw having forced back Indian attacks across a river.

Below, the Indians engage Rick’s Athenians. The Athenians advanced and were soon heavily engaged against the Indians. Some elephants were recoiled onto support troops but eventually the Indian chariots and elephants, supported by archers, shattered the Athenians.

During the Medieval Section there were three Wars of the Roses armies in play. Below, my own Lancastrians, on the right, prepare to engage a Yorkist Pretender. This battle was very close, with victory only just being secured by Henry VI. Visible are areas of plough and an enclosure.

One of the more unusual armies in the Medieval section was Ben’s Yi Dynasty Korean. Below, the Korean left flank advances on the Lancastrian right.

The attacks by the Korean left were eventually held and the Korean commander now decided to advance his centre, which can be seen below.

From left to right are Korean peasant spearmen (7Hd), archers (4Bw), 2 x pikemen (Pk) and scratch built wheeled rocket rocket launcher (Art). This advance was countered by an English counter attack in the centre. Below, a view from the Korean right, towards the centre.

Another fine army was Angus’ Norse-Irish. Comprised of Baueda figures this army fought particularly successfully in the Medieval section, despite containing a number of Auxilia. Below, clearly defending, the Irish dominated various hills against a Yorkist army.

I understand, though I have no photos, the Irish had success against the Hindu Indians in the Medieval section.

In the final round the Irish invaded and were forced to face the Lancastrians on a more open battlefield. Here they took the offensive against the English right where they were almost successful.

The results at the end of the day can be summarised as follows:

Ancients Section:

  • Brian Sowman, II/3b Classical Indian 179-545AD, 26pts
  • Angus Yeates, II/10 Camillan Romans 400-275BC, 22pts
  • Greg Wells II/22a Army of Nabataea 250BC-106AD,15pts
  • Rick Bishop II/5b Athenians 448-287BC, 5 pts

Medieval Section:

  • Keith McNelly IV/83a Wars of the Roses (Lancastrian) 1455-1485AD, 32pts
  • Rick Bishop IV/83a Wars of the Roses (Yorkist) 1455-1485AD, 17pts
  • Angus Yeates III/46 Norse Irish 842-1300AD, 15pts
  • Greg Wells IV/83a Wars of the Roses 1455-1485AD, 13pts
  • Ben Broad IV/78 Yi Dynasty Korean 1392-1598AD, 13pts
  • Brian Sowman III/10b Hindu Indian, Rajput, 747-1303AD, 13pts

Overall Result:

  • 1st on 39 pts, Brian (winner of the Phil Barker Cup)
  • 2nd on 37 pts, Angus
  • 3rd on 32 pts, Keith (played only 3 rounds)
  • 4th on 28 pts, Greg
  • 5th on 22 pts, Rick
  • 6th on 13 pts Ben (played only 3 rounds)

Player feedback was very positive and clearly a very enjoyable day was had by all. With continued and growing interest it will be interesting to see what new armies appear on the table in upcoming months. Rumours certainly suggest a number of new armies are being planned.

6 thoughts on “Warclouds 2016 – DBA Report

  1. Bonjour Tous

    Le choix d’une armée irlandaise est courageux.
    C’est la première armée de Corée que je vois sur une table
    de même pour la II/22a et les IV/83a

    Avec les plus courantes II/3b ou II/10

    Nous allons avoir une convention en 6 parties au nord ouest de Paris


    Sinon je met en ligne un lien vers votre blog a chaque nouvel article.
    Super compte-rendu, les décors sont toujours superbes.

  2. Thank you for your feedback Guy. Yes, two very unusual armies as you say.

    Good luck with your competition, I see it is in March. I hope you are able to provide some photos.

    1. Yes, Angus is an outstanding painter. He has been playing Ancients/Dark Ages for around 12 months and has produced five extremely well painted DBA armies.

      He also has learnt very quickly how to use them, as can be seen by his results.

    1. Thanks for the link to your site Ben. It was interesting reading your perspective on the games at Warclouds as well as your thoughts on your Gauls. I look forward to reading future posts.

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