DBA Tournaments

There are a great number of Ancient and Medieval wargamers using the DBA rules. As a result it is likely you will be to locate a group of wargamers using DBA near you.

In addition to casual gaming there are plenty of tournaments to attend. A number, but certainly not all, are listed below. The intent is to update this page periodically. If you wish your event listed here please email me.


Australia has an active DBA community. A number of regular competitions are held each year, including:

New Zealand:

New Zealand also has an active DBA player base with DBA particularly popular in Christchurch, Auckland (including Pukekohe). Details of notable New Zealand DBA events currently include:

If you are in Christchurch, and are interested in DBA, feel free to make contact through this website.

United Kingdom:

DBA is very popular throughout the UK and has an active DBA tournament calendar. These two links are a good location to start your search for upcoming DBA events:

United States of America:

The United States has a strong DBA community with groups of various sizes spread across the continent. DBA competitions can be found at most major and many minor conventions. Some of these include:

  • Siege of Augusta DBA 3.0 (Augusta, Georgia) January
  • Cold Wars DBA 3.0 (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) March
  • Historicon DBA 3.0 (Fredricksburg, Virginia) July

Other Events:

A good place to find opponents, or details on local DBA tournaments, is of course your local wargames club. Alternatively details on upcoming events are frequently announced on either the new DBA Fanaticus Forum or the DBA Mailing List.