Conquest 2017 Results

Over the weekend the annual Conquest Wargames Convention was held here in Christchurch. As with previous years it included a 15mm DBA competition. This year the DBA competition comprised three sections which ran in sequence.

The first two sections used standard DBA with one section of three rounds using Ancient armies while the second section used Dark Age or Medieval armies. With six rounds across both sections and only six players, each player fought four opponents once and one player twice.

Ancients Section:

This section allowed the use of armies up to 450 AD. However, five armies fielded were from the Classical period and one, a new army locally was, from the Biblical period.

Above, Later Carthaginians tangle with Classical Indians. The defending Indians deployed a fort in several games, in this game it secured the Indian right flank but constrained the Indian deployment area. Below, the Gauls engaged against my Carthaginians. The Gauls had a particularly good morning winning two of the three Ancient games.

Two Successor armies took the field in the Ancients section. Here, a section of Mark’s phalanx with Pyrrhus visible between two pike blocks. Extending his frontage by the use of hoplites this army had considerable punch but unfortunately suffered a series of defeats, often including Pyrrhus himself.

The results of the Ancients section using standard DBA, after three rounds, were:

  • 1st Jim Morton – New Kingdom Egyptian I/22a, 19pts
  • 2nd Ben Broad – Gallic II/11, 18pts
  • 3rd= Gordon Pinchin – Seleucid II/19a, 17pts
  • 3rd= Keith McNelly – Later Carthaginian II/32b, 17pts
  • 5th Mark Davies – Pyrrhus II/27b, 7pts
  • 6th Brian Sowman – Classical Indian II/3b, 5pts

In these games Mark lost two generals, Pyrrhus was clearly having a bad day! Brian lost one general who was mounted on an elephant at least until he was killed.

Medieval Section:

After lunch the players replaced their Ancient armies with those with a list date later than 451 AD. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the Medieval section games. Often playing and umpiring meant that time was limited. Further, as I was being hammered in each game, my focus drifted to survival rather than documenting the disasters! After three Medieval rounds the results were:

  • 1st= Jim Morton – Free Company IV/74, 24pts
  • 1st= Brian Sowman – Rajput Indian III/10b, 24pts
  • 3rd= Mark Davies – West Frankish & Norman III/52 with Norse Viking Ally III/40, 14pts
  • 4th Gordon Pinchin – West Frankish & Norman III/52, 13pts
  • 5th= Ben Broad – Yi Dynasty Korean IV/78, 8pts
  • 5th= Keith McNelly – Post-Mongol Samurai IV/59b, 8pts

In the Medieval section two players achieved a perfect score resulting in a tie for 1st place in the Medieval section. As to generals lost Ben managed to dispatch two Korean generals, while Jim and Brian lost a general each. Mark was the only player to suffer the loss of a camp, lost fighting the Indians.

Combining the scores of both standard DBA sections the following results were:

  • 1st Jim Morton – 43pts
  • 2nd Gordon Pinchin – 30pts
  • 3rd Brian Sowman – 29pts
  • 4th Ben Broad – 26pts
  • 5th Keith McNelly – 25pts
  • 6th Mark Davies – 21pts

A great result for Jim who had secured an impressive score by winning five of his six games.

Ancients BBDBA:

The third section of the DBA competition involved BBDBA. This was fought on the second day and comprised three rounds each of 2 1/4 hours. Armies comprised 36 elements with all armies having a list date of prior to 450 AD. All but two armies had elephants. The Indians fielded nine and the Seleucids six. Demetrius and Pyrrhus fielded a only three each. The first round was by book or historical opponents followed by modified Swiss chess.

Above, a view from the Pyrrhic right which faced Demetrius’ left flank. The Italian foot can be seen in extending the Epirot pike phalanx. Below, the battle on Demetrius’ right which was particularly confusing. Elephants of both armies fled while others form and charge Xystophoroi.

Below, another photo of the battle this time illuminating Demetrius’ centre as it begins to suffer breakthroughs. Despite the gaps created Pyrrhus’ phalangites were unable to successfully exploit the situation for some time.

After three games the results were:

  • 1st Jim Morton – New Kingdom Egyptian I/22a, 19pts
  • 2nd Mark Davies – Pyrrhus II/27b, 18pts
  • 3rd Keith McNelly – Asiatic Early Successor Demetrius II/16b, 13pts
  • 4th Gordon Pinchin – Seleucid II/19a, 11pts
  • 5th Brian Sowman – Classical Indian II/3b, 10pts
  • 6th Andrew Taylor – Akkadian I/11a, 8pts

As with the previous sections were rewarded with 8pts for a win while players who drew or lost one point for each three elements equivalents destroyed. With more generals in play unsurprisingly casualties were heavy. Brian’s Indians and Gordon’s Seleucids lost three generals each in combat. Keith and Andrew lost two each, while Mark reversed his previous trend for killing his own generals and lost only one.

Final Results:

Combining the scores of all three sections Jim was declared the overall winner of Conquest’s DBA event with a score of 62pts. Gordon was second on 41pts while Mark and Brian were just behind on third equal with 39pts. As to generals lost, well this was secured by Brian who secured the “Executioner Award” having lost five of his own generals over the two days.

Most importantly everyone seemed to have enjoyed their gaming. Many armies had broken, generals had been slaughtered, significant elephants had routed and chariots and battle carts were strewn across the battlefields. Yet the players all seemed upbeat! Thanks to all for playing in an outstanding friendly spirit. Finally, I want to thank Comics Compulsion for an excellent convention and of course for being so supportive of DBA. I encourage locals to support our local gaming store.

10 thoughts on “Conquest 2017 Results

    1. While not mine I believe the Roman fort is sold by Olympian Games in Australia. I’m reasonably sure they make it themselves and offer a mail order service.

  1. Really enjoyed the competition; lots of fun games and good to meet friends again. I learned a few more aspects of the rules too! Thanks very much for organising it again.

    1. I’m pleased you enjoyed it Mark. It’s always pleasing to hear players enjoyed the event. I’m going to brush up on hamlets as I don’t tend to use them.

      1. I think hamlets can look good and they provide some rough going that is a bit more reliable than ploughed fields.

        1. Given the size of battles and the number of stands I personally think they are particularly useful in Dark Age battles. That said like cities the certainly aren’t present in many historic battles.

  2. Actually, I don’t believe I lost a general on Sunday. I killed a few, though — Demetrius in game 1, two Indians and an Akkadian! I also got a couple on Saturday, an Indian and a Korean!

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