Christchurch DBA Competitions 2017

With Natcon’s DBA competition complete we can turn our attention to the other planned DBA events in Christchurch. As such details of three DBA competitions to be held here in Christchurch over 2017 are now on-line.

The popular DBA Open, comprising an Ancient Section (May) and Medieval Section (June) are first in the calendar. These events often draw many locals so promise to be hotly contested. With the Ancients Section due in a few weeks it’s time to organise yourself.

In early January 2018 the Woolston DBA Challenge will have a theme that covers Greece, Macedonian and Punic Wars from 430 BC to 146 BC. Hopefully this theme and an ability for players to use two armies should provide additional variety. It’s worth noting that the date for this is designed to appeal to those on holiday with in Christchurch.

We can’t, as yet, provide details on Conquest DBA as they are yet to be confirmed. The owner of Comics, who organises the overall convention, has sold his business. I understand that the new owners will be continuing to run Conquest – so watch this space.

As always visit the Tournament Section of this site for additional information on the format, dates and of course registration.

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