Yarmuk 636 AD

Due to an unfortunate delay, the full download of “Great Battles of History for DBA 3” will not be available for another week. To make up for this delay Joe Collins, editor of the book, has asked me to feature another chapter and make it availiable for download. The selected chapter is Yarmuk which I of course mentioned in my last post.

As you will recall Phil Steele, a long-time member of the SOA authored this chapter and used Phil Barker’s old flats for the game. I think the flats look fantastic even when compared to more recent figures. They have a certain appealing style all their own.

Yarmuk can be downloaded here. We hope you enjoy this chapter. Feel free to post your comments here to Phil Steele and Joe Collins.

The book in its entirety will be available next week after Nashcon in the United States, HMGS-MidSouth’s premier gaming convention.

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