Great Battles of History for DBA 3

Earlier this week “Great Battles of History for DBA 3” was been published. Comprising 134 pages this book is aimed squarely at the wargamer with an interest in using DBA 3 to refight the many famous battles of history. I hope this short article provides a little more detail on the books content and aims and the sample chapter below is a useful primer.

Firstly, the book was produced by a number of enthusiasts led by Joe Collins as editor. Rather than cover a small selected period the team opted for a broad approach and therefore have captured many of the famous battles of the period. Indeed, starting in 405 BC the battles stretch to 1479 AD. As such I’m sure there is something for every DBA gamer. The chapters covered provide a good summary of the content.

  1. Gela 405 BC – A Clash of Colonies in the Western Mediterranean Sea —by Charlie Z;
  2. The Hydaspes 315 BC – Alexander Invades India —by John Brown;
  3. Bagradas 255 BC – Prelude to Cannae During the 1st Punic War —by Joe Collins
  4. Cannae 216 BC – Hannibal’s High Water Mark —by Graham Evans;
  5. The Revolt of Spartacus 71 BC – I am Spartacus! —by Robert Beattie;
  6. Carnuntum 170 AD – Disaster on the Danube —by Robert Madrigal;
  7. Battle of Hormozdgān 224 AD – The Fate of Parthia —by Robert Madrigal;
  8. Yarmuk 636 AD – Khalid Ibn al-Walid and the Lions of the Desert —by Phil Steele;
  9. Brunanburh 937 AD – The Birthplace of Englishness —by Joe Collins;
  10. Bouvines 1214 AD – The Eclipse of the Angevin Empire —by Phil Steele;
  11. Verneuil 1424 AD – A Second Agincourt —by Tom Thomas;
  12. Enguingatte 1479 AD – The Dawn of Modern Warfare —by Joe Collins;
  13. Final Thoughts on Designing Historical Scenarios.

Within each chapter the chapter author first looks briefly at the history of the specific battle. This is followed by a section on recreating the battle on the table using DBA and includes army composition, deployment and any special rules. The author then outlines, in some depth a sample game. Each chapter is illustrated with a sample refight and in colour will no doubt provide further inspiration and understanding of the battle.


One of my favourite chapters is that on Yarmuk, written by Phil Steele. Phil, himself a life member of the Society of Ancients, used veteran flat figures from Phil Barker’s original collection to refight the battle using one of Phil Barker’s latest sets of rules. This link between old and new really resonated with me.

Great Battles of History is available as a 134-page, full-color book from for $34.97 USD. You can find it here. For places outside of Lulu’s shipping area, the book will be available worldwide through Amazon in a few weeks. It’s worth noting that mones earned for the first year on the book in excess of $150.00 USD (the startup cost for the editor) will be donated to the Society of Ancients in honor of Phil and Sue Barker.

For those on a tight budget or who would like a complete preview, the book in its entirety will soon be available for free as a download from this website in the coming weeks. Joe first has to complete some editing to get the file size down.

6 thoughts on “Great Battles of History for DBA 3

    1. The use of Phil Barker’s flats with DBA 3.0 just have a certain appeal to me Phil. He has contributed so much to Ancient & Medieval Wargaming.

      I should really add a photo of Yarmuk to this article…

      1. By all means add one, I would be pleased – recycle one from the book, of course, but if you want me to send you one in particular just ask …


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