Christchurch DBA Open – Final Results

Last weekend the second competition of the Christchurch DBA Open was held, specifically the Medieval Competition. I forgot to take any photos on the day, which I’m frustrated with. That said a number of well presented armies were in play.

Unfortunately, player numbers were low with several regulars unable to attend. In the end the results for the Medieval competition were as follows:

  • 1st Falk Kalamorz, III/53 East Frankish (33pts)
  • 2nd Angus Yates, III/40a Viking (25pts)
  • 3rd= Jim Morton, IV/13c Medieval German (24pts)
  • 3rd= Keith McNelly, IV/12e Maori (24pts)
  • 5th Brian Sowman, III/10b Rajput Indian with Ally III/10c Hindu Indian (9pts)

The results were rather interesting with three players on very much the same points total at the end of play. Only the winner, Falk had a clear win across the event. Interestingly Falk has only been playing DBA for a few months so his placing was all the more impressive.

When the results from the Ancient Competition were combined with the Medieval results the final placings for the Christchurch DBA Open were as follows:

  • 1st Keith McNelly (68pts)
  • 2nd Angus Yates (53pts)
  • 3rd Jim Morton (48pts)
  • 4th Brian Sowman (46pts)
  • 5th Andrew Taylor (41pts)
  • 6th Falk Kalamorz (38pts)
  • 7th Colin Foster (30pts)
  • 8th Gordon Pinchin (19pts)

Another excellent local event organised by Brian drawing some interesting armies to the table in a low key and very friendly event.

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