Viking Raiders

Having been travelling for a while it was great to be able to sit down for some DBA gaming earlier in the week. Not only were the resulting games enjoyable, but visually very rewarding as my opponent Angus had recently completed another new army.

Given we have an historical matched pairs event coming up later in the month Angus was keen to use his proposed pair for some practice. So in due course the armies were deployed. They were III/28 Carolingian Franks and III/40a Viking. All figures are by Baueda.

I won’t try and describe the games in any detail. However, both games found the Vikings attacking and the Carolingian opting for an open battlefield, no surprise there!

The Baueda figures are very impressive, especially when well painted as these have been, and deployed on  a visually pleasing battlefield. I’m rather looking forward to seeing Angus’ next Baueda army, Norse-Irish.

I must admit I am very tempted to purchase some Baueda figures myself, especially after their release of dismounted Norman milites recently…

5 thoughts on “Viking Raiders

  1. I need an army of Bueda minis! Great post. I’m sending for the new hairy barbarians as soon as my wife gives me my credit card back!
    All the best

  2. The figures paint up well, even if my photos mid game are not that good. Baueda seem to have a major expansion of their Ancient & Medieval ranges underway at the moment, providing even more choice.

    1. Yes, if only they were mine! I have added a link to your Weblog Mike. I look forward to reading more articles as you update your site.

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