Conquest DBA – Historical Matched Pairs

Details for the 15mm DBA 3.0 competition are now on-line. Held in October each year Conquest is a general competition organised by Comics Compulsion. As with previous years the DBA competition will run over a single day.

The format, as with previous years, uses Historical Matched Pairs.This format encourages some unusual armies to be used and allows players to experience the challenges of using armies they may not always be familiar with.


So, how does the format work? Each player supplies an historical matched pair. The 12 stands of each army are defined at the start of the competition and are not changed. At the start of each round the pair to be used in the current game is determined by a die roll. The player not providing the pair in the game then selects which army of the opponents pair he wishes to use. We expect some loan armies to be available.

Full details of the Conquest DBA competition can be found here.

2 thoughts on “Conquest DBA – Historical Matched Pairs

  1. We have a similar Matched Pairs tournament in the UK each year, but it differs in that each player alternates between using his own paid and using his opponent’s. That way, you are guaranteed to use your armies half of the games and someone else’s in the other half.

  2. The intent is that players will use their own pair in half the games. This is modified by player numbers and last time by players keen to try different armies.

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