DBA Open 2015 – Ancients Results

Today eight players gathered for the Ancient Tournament of the Christchurch DBA Open. As is often the case there were an interesting list of armies including some new armies and a few veteran armies. The players and their armies, in no particular order were:

  • Andrew, I/42 Neo-Elamite 800 BC-639 BC
  • Angus, II/11 Gallic 400 BC-50 BC
  • Brian, II/3a Classical Indian 500 BC- 178 AD
  • Colin, II/5d Later Hoplite Greek, Thessalian 448 BC-320 BC
  • Falk, II/49 Marian Roman105 BC-25 BC
  • Gordon, II/19a Seleucid 320 BC-280 BC
  • Jim, II/20c Ptolemaic 166 BC-54 BC
  • Keith, II/33 Polybian Roman 275 BC-105 BC.

One of the new options for DBA 3.0 is the use of allied contingents. As a result two players electing to field allied contingents with their armies. The first was the Polybian Romans who fielded a Numidian allied contingent.
Above, Polybian Romans engage the Gauls. The Gauls were one of the new armies being used, having only recently been completed. Interestingly the Gallic commander opted for a relatively mobile army with almost half the army fielded as cavalry or chariots. Based on his placing the mounted option proved useful.

The other army fielding an allies were the Neo-Elamites who were supported by a Neo-Babylonian contingent. The Neo-Elamites also comprised used three stands of mounted archers (Mtd-3Bw) which had considerable battlefield mobility. They caused a few players, including myself, to scratch their heads as they moved around the battlefield.

Above, a mixture of Neo-Elamites and Neo-Babylonians. While below they can be seen engaged against the Polybian Romans. The Roman player, defending, had placed a waterway to try and limit the Neo-Elamite mobility.
Armies used previously were also in play. The Thessalians being one such army which proved an especially resilient opponent and placed highly. In part this was due to the supported spear rules which have increased the effectiveness of such armies. Though perhaps their final placing was limited by the loss of three generals, a significant proportion of the seven generals lost by all players across the five rounds that made up the day.
The final placings found Keith, using Polybian Romans, securing first place. In second place was Andrew, commanding the Neo-Elamites. Third place went to the Brian who deployed his trusted Classical Indians. 

The next competition of the DBA Open is the Medieval Tournament which to be held in December. Hopefully we will see you there.

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