Natcon DBA Reflections

Here in New Zealand each Easter our National Wargame convention is held. Each year the convention is held in a different city and this year it was hosted in Auckland. Interestingly, this is the first time Auckland has hosted the convention in many years.

The format for Natcon used 15mm armies comprising two days of six rounds each day. The first day used Ancient armies, with a list date prior to 450AD, while the second day would use Dark Age and Medieval armies, with a list date of after 450AD.

The armies used over for the Ancients day were as follows:

  • Ancient Spanish, Celtiberian 2/39b
  • Later Carthaginian 2/32a
  • Polybian Roman 2/33
  • Marian Roman 2/49
  • Asiatic Early Successor, Demetrios 2/16b
  • Lysimachid 2/17
  • Gallic 2/11

Above, Polybian Roman in the foreground engaged against Marian Roman. Victory for this game went to the Marian Roman player after a hard fought battle.

In the next photo, above, the Marian Romans can be seen engaged against the Carthaginians, where they achieved another solid 9-3 victory. While below the Demetrios engages his old enemy Lysimachos.

After six rounds Nick took out a well deserved first place in the Ancients rounds with 43 points.

The Medieval round, played on the second day, found the the following armies were in use:

  • Sinhalese post 500AD 2/42d
  • Norse Viking 3/40b
  • Nikephorian Byzantine 3/65
  • Spanish & Tlaxcalan 4/19c
  • Post Mongol Samurai 4/59b
  • Aztec 4/63
  • Medieval Spanish & Portuguese, Spanish 1504-1515AD 4/68f

Above, Japanese engaged against Medieval Spanish where, after an initial well planned attack which gained significant advantage for the Japanese. However, the Spanish recovered and defeated the Japanese.

Below, the Japanese engaged against the Aztecs, this battle was a considerable victory for the Japanese where the Aztecs command and control failed. The Aztec commander can be seen sacking the small Japanese city having successfully captured it. He, along with his Eagle warriors, we’re so focused on sacking the city that his main army was defeated in detail.

The Medieval day was won by Keith having secured 50 points. This score, when combined with his score from the Ancients round, secured him first place overall with Nick in a close second. Placings not withstanding all participants agreed it was an extremely enjoyable event.

DBA in Auckland has historically been limited in player numbers and mostly focused around a small but active core of players. It was hoped that running DBA at the Nationals would be a useful means to profile the game. From that perspective it was extremely successful. Several players are now planning on fielding armies in upcoming Auckland club events. A great outcome.


5 thoughts on “Natcon DBA Reflections

  1. Thank you for posting these images of the DBA competition at Natcon. This is an excellent site and I often visit. A big thank you to Joel and the guys at the DBA tournament for being so welcoming and answering all my questions about DBA. It was great to be able to sit down and watch a game be completed in less than an hour. A less exhausting experiencing than fighting out some of the gruelling FoG matches – a game that I nonetheless enjoy. Looking forward to trying out some DBA games myself soon. Cheers, Matthew.

    1. I’m pleased you find this site of interest. It is good to receive such feedback.

      I hope you enjoy your upcoming DBA games. I think Joel was planning on sending details out soon, if he hasn’t already. Do let me know how the games go.

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