Start Ancient Wargaming Using DBA 3.0

If you are like me many years ago you will remember “The Purple Primer”, or “Ancient Wargaming” by Phil Barker. It along with several other books from the local library provided great inspiration. This evening Sue Laflin-Barker sent an email to a few people advising that her new book “Start Ancient Wargaming Using DBA 3.0” is now available.


Available as paperback with black-and-white illustrations this 196 pages book retails for £14.95. The product description provides a useful overview of what is included…

This book introduces the fascinating subject of ancient wargaming using the latest edition of DBA version 3.0. De Bellis Antiquitatis have become known for the combination of simple game mechanics and playability. The rules are easy to learn, but the finer details of tactics are hard to master. The rules are extensively used for competitions around the world. The book starts by discussing how to choose a period of history and build an wargaming army, then it includes the complete DBA 3.0 rules with a detailed step by step play through of a sample game- Germans v Romans on the bank of the river Rhine. There are also numerous sample army lists with discussion of the sources on which they are based. Sue Laflin-Barker was a key contributor to the development and success of WRG. This is her first solo authorship of a wargaming book.

Initially available via Lulu or John Curry Publishing, Sue Laflin-Barker indicates that it should be stocked on Amazon in a few days. No doubt other outlets will stock it in due course as well. This is clearly a title aimed squarely at the new or budding ancients wargamer.

7 thoughts on “Start Ancient Wargaming Using DBA 3.0

  1. Excellent news, I shall buy a copy and spread the word locally and on the New Zealand discussion groups.


  2. Wow, finally! She announced her plans to do this, I don’t know, five years ago? Maybe longer. People in the DBA community have been wishing for something like that for even longer. I’ll check it out when it is available stateside.

    1. It has indeed been discussed for a while.

      I have seen some early drafts of a couple of chapters. In my view it is aimed at the new younger potential gamer. I’m not convinced it will be at all useful for the existing wargamer but should be very useful for those starting out.

  3. My wife has ordered a wedding anniversary present for me, a copy of Start Ancient Wargaming. I am a very lucky man 🙂


  4. I agree with the comments made in the review regarding paper quality and the layout of the rules section. I think the book could have benefited from the same finish as its big brother the actual DBA 3.0 hardback ruleset. Most of the photographs (all B+W) are a little on the grainy side and hard to make out at times. Not sure if this is a function of the camera used or the grade of paper they are printed on (possibly both).

    Its a useful little book but more or a reference thing for the practised wargamer> will be interested to see how newbies get on with it.

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