Pokeno Invitational

In late January I managed to attend an informal DBA games day in the small town of Pokeno, located south of Auckland, New Zealand. Drawing a total of six players we were treated to five rounds of games. Organised as a round robin each player faced off during the course of the day. Being a casual gaming day, rather than a competition, players were able to use different armies in each round resulting in a large number of armies being deployed during the day. The armies used during the day can be summarised as:

  • Syracusan 2/9
  • Gallic 2/11
  • Asiatic Successor Demetrious 2/16b
  • Lysimachid 2/17b
  • Pyrrhic 2/27b
  • Carthaginian 2/32a
  • Polybian Roman 2/33
  • Celtiberian 2/39b
  • Marian Roman 2/49
  • Pre-Feudal Scots 3/45
  • Middle Anglo-Saxon 3/24b
  • Komnenan Byzantine 4/1
  • Early Crusader 4/7
  • Aztecs 4/63
  • Wars of the Roses English 4/83a

The following photos illustrate a selection of games played during the course of the day.

150124_DBA1Above, a Successor engagement between Demetrius and Lysmichus. The phalangites of both Successors were locked in combat with each gaining advantage in different sectors. With both commanders desperate for a result they both led their own xystophoroi into combat, against each other, which is just visible in the upper left.

150124_DBA5Above, Marian Romans engaged against Gauls. The Gauls have massed their army in deep formations to break the Roman centre. To counter this the Roman commander has a significant reserve to bring against any such breakthrough. Both armies use Corvus Belli figures.

Below, another Successor army, this time that of Pyrrhos of Epeiros engaged against a Polybian Roman army. Here the Romans, in the foreground, attempt to put pressure on the Greek left flank.

150124_DBA2Below, another view of the Pyrrhic army. The figures, from Mark Davies collection, are mostly from the Freikorps 15mm range. The Romans are a mix of Essex and Museum Miniatures from my own collection.

150124_DBA3Finally, a Dark Ages battle between the Middle Anglo-Saxons and Pre-Feudal Scots. In this battle the Scots launched a series of dramatic attacks with his fast moving spear armed troops. However, the Anglo-Saxon commander maintained a solid line and eventually Scots army broke.

150124_DBA6In all some 16 games were played over the course of the day, providing some challenging situations for all the players. If you are based in Auckland I encourage you to get involved with the DBA community based in the Auckland and southern Auckland areas.

For me it was a great oppurtunity to catchup with some old friends and enjoys a great day of gaming with a range of interesting armies. My next Auckland visit will be for the DBA competition at Natcon over Easter. Perhaps we will see you there?

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