Woolston DBA Challenge 2015 – Results

On Sunday the 4th January several players gathered here in Christchurch New Zealand for our first DBA 3.0 competition, specifically the “Woolston DBA Challenge”. I have been running this competition for several years now, previously using DBA 2.2. It is designed to provide a day of gaming for locals in Christchurch who have not travelled away for the Christmas holidays. Being so near to New Year it means however that frequently DBA regulars are often away on holiday. This year was no exception with a number of players unfortuantely being unable to attend.

This year I once again used an historical matched pairs format where players bought along an historical matched pair. The pair to be used in each game was then determined by a die roll with the play not providing the pair in a specific game then selecting which army of the opponents pair he wished to use in the game. Each pair is further defined at the begining of the day and the same 12 stands are used in each game. I find the historical matched pair format has several advantages over “Open” events not least of which it allows players to experiment with very different armies.

Above, Later Crusaders are deployed for battle while below, Elamites and Kassite Babylonians prepare to engage.


The players and their selected matched pairs were as follows:

  • Andrew Taylor – Elamite (1/5d) vs Kassite Babylonian (1/21a)
  • Keith McNelly – Later Carthaginian (2/32) vs Polybian Roman (2/33)
  • Jim Morton – Ancient British (2/53) vs Early Imperial Roman (2/56)
  • Kevin Nielson – Later Crusader (4/17) vs Ottoman (4/55a)
  • Brian Sowman – Medieval German (4/13c) vs Later Hungarian (4/43c)
  • Joel McNelly – Aztec (4/63) vs Spanish & Tlaxcan (4/19c)

A round robin of five rounds was played where each player used their own army at least once and usually more. The games generally lasted an hour, or a little more in the first two rounds as players came up to speed with the rules.

All games during the day ended in victory, or loss, though with many going to full time. To keep scoring to a minimum, it was the holidays after all, a very simple scoring system was used. Four points were awarded for a win, one for a draw and zero for a loss. This scoring did not reflect the closeness of the games, especially where a player lost by a narrow margin. After five rounds the final results were:

  • Brian Sowman – 20pts
  • Andrew Taylor – 16pts
  • Joel McNelly – 12pts
  • Kevin Nielson – 8pts
  • Keith McNelly – 4pts
  • Jim Morton – 0pts

Congratulations must therefore go to Brian who picked up 1st Place and the “Phil Barker Cup” having achieved five wins across the day. Andrew was in hot pursuit with four wins. Most importantly a very enjoyable day was had by all players.

Our next DBA 3.0 event on the calendar, is Warclouds DBA on the 7th February. Hopefully we will see you there.

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