DBA at Warclouds 2015

Warclouds is one of two annual conventions held in Christchurch, New Zealand. Today we can confirm Warclouds will offer a DBA 3.0 competition on the 7th February 2015.

We wanted to keep DBA to one day and keeping with last years successful Warclouds DBA competition we have selected to use two themes run in sequence. That is, an Ancients themed section of three rounds in the morning followed by a Medieval theme in the afternoon. Last year we found this was an interesting way to get additional armies on the table yet retain a one day format.


The Ancients Section requires armies to have a list date between 3000BC and 450 AD, so plenty of opportunity for Biblical and Classical armies to take the field. The afternoon’s Medieval Section requires the army to have a list date of 451AD to 1520AD. So those Dark Age, Crusading and Late Medieval armies will be out in force.

Full details of the Warclouds 2015 DBA competition are now on-line. Hopefully we will see you there.

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