Woolston DBA Challenge

The Woolston DBA Challenge is the first DBA event in the Christchurch DBA calendar and with the recent release of DBA 3.0 it seemed time to confirm the format.

Firstly, the date and venue. The Challenge will take place on Sunday the 4th of January 2015 at the Woolston Club. Hopefully this date will suit those on holiday in Christchurch and those visiting family and friends. We aim to start a little earlier at 9.30am to allow a little additional time for the first couple of rounds. After lunch we have allowed around one hour for each game with a finish time around 5pm.


After the very positive feedback on the historical matched pairs format we have used occasionally we thought such a format would be ideal for the Challenge. Especially as it would increase player exposure to different armies in the latest version of the rules. Details on how the historical matched pairs format will work, as well as other details of the Woolston DBA Challenge can be found here.

As with previous DBA events we expect the Challenge to be a low key enjoyable day. Hopefully we will see you there for a great day of Ancient & Medieval wargaming.

For the record the figures above are Carthaginians from Mark Davies’ impressive DBA collection.

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