DBA 3.0 Released

Sue Laflin-Barker advised those on the DBA 3.0 play test group that copies of DBA 3.0 have been dispatched from WRG to various resellers yesterday. They should be available for sale from a variety of sources shortly.


As to the format, DBA 3.0 will be hardcover book with 144 pages. A significant increase in page count from early versions.

Based on my viewing of the last drafts sent to the play test group, the rules package comprises only a few pages of actual rules, as previously, but the fully revised rules are now supported by a number of diagrams which greatly assist with clarity. The rules themselves are of course much revised and in my view offer considerable improvement to game play and realism. All these factors combined will, I am sure, be well received.

The bulk of the package however is a greatly expanded army list section. Indeed, each of the 300+ armies are provided with background historical material and suggested additional references. This is a great addition for both old and new players. Further, each list is broken down into expanded sub lists. While some lists have just one list, others have several. As an example the Later Hoplite Greeks have 12 sub lists where the various troops and options are briefly described. These points combine to create a much clearer format and are a very impressive addition.

I plan to provide a more in depth review when my copy arrives.

3 thoughts on “DBA 3.0 Released

    1. Black Hat Miniatures in the UK had an initial discounted pre-order offer which is now fully subscribed. They are still taking orders and trying to source additional stock. On Military Matters in the US are advertising.

      Amazon UK are listing DBA 3.0 but have not listed stock as being available at the moment. I imagine it will be very soon, as their stock arrives. Other resellers are likely to list stock in the next few days, I just don’t know who.

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