Christchurch Medieval DBA Open 2012

During early December the Christchurch Medieval DBA Open was held. Due to some time pressures I’m only now just posting some long overdue photos of the event. Alas, the time delay has also meant I have forgotten much of the detail of my own games so this report can at best be defined as brief, and at worse lacking in all detail. Indeed, I can only recall four of my five games at that only because I have some photographic evidence!

The Medieval DBA Open typically runs in December of each year and is restricted to armies from 451AD onwards. This year it drew 11 players, ten of whom can be seen above. For my part I had planned to paint a new army, but alas the final months of 2012 were exceptionally busy. As a result I fielded my Post-Mongol Samurai an army I have had mixed success with in the past. As a variation I planned to field the optional Ikko-Ikki (5Wb) or town militia (7Hd). Not because I thought they would be useful but rather for a change. However, the vast number of bows in the line up caused a final rethink and the spear armed ashigaru (3Sp) were instead fielded.

My first round game found me engaged against Kees in which his Mamluk Egyptian were heavily disadvantaged by the Japanese defending in heavily wooded and hilly battlefield, such is the advantage of a low aggression army faced with an almost entirely mounted opponent. A win at least increased Japanese morale though that was to be shortlived!

The second game found the Japaneseon the defensive but this time against Simon’s Scots Common army. This army is of course complete with massed pike interspersed with some Islesmen and Highlanders for good measure. A feature of this game was the built up area which eventually was to cost me the game. A likely outcome when the BUA ended up on my opponents side of the table facing massed Scots pike intent on assault as soon as possible.

Above the fortified town is already in Scots control and the Japanese field army is some distance from the it. Below, another view of the battlefield as some Japanese finally prepare to counter-attack and recapture the town.


Next on the agenda was facing Jim’s Medieval French. I expected this to be an exceptionally hard game and indeed it was with Jim as always playing a strong game. However, the French initially struggled to expand from a defile and the Japanese advanced at speed before the French could fully deploy.Below, French men-at arms attempt to deploy. A push back here wold have been an excellent outcome.

Soon the Japanese were to face the Ghaznavids. A difficult opponent for the Japanese, who could only hope to counter the Ghaznavid elephants and mounted with terain. As the defender the Japanese commander selected the battlefield and using the hills and woods attempted to disprupt the Ghaznavid at every turn. At the same time the the Japanese commander was rewarded with occasional over zealous Ghaznavid formation that advanced unsupported as was dispatched.


Above, the Japanese and Ghaznavids locked in combat with the Ghaznavid elephants clearly unwilling to press forward against the fortified town while the Japanese make as much use of the terrain as possible. As was expected, the final result of the battle was a draw.

After five rounds the final placings were as follows:

  • 1st Dave Batchelor, Timaru IV/74 Free Company (43pts)
  • 2nd Jim Morton, Christchurch IV/64c Medieval French (38pts)
  • 3rd Mark Carl, Christchurch II42b Tamil (37pts)
  • 4th  Simon Phillips, Timaru IV/16 Scots Common Army (34pts)
  • 5th= Andre Evers, Christchurch IV/66 Later Polish (29pts)
  • 5th= Brian Sowman, Christchurch II42b Tamil (29pts)
  • 7th= Gordon Pinchin, Christchurch III/69 Tuareg (26pts)
  • 7th= Colin Foster, Christchurch IV/62 HYW English (26pts)
  • 9th Stephen Malone, Timaru III/63 Ghaznavid (24pts)
  • 10th Keith McNelly, Christchurch IV/59b Post Mongol Samurai (22pts)
  • 11th Kees de Jager, Christchurch IV/45 Mamluk Egyptian (10pts)

Congratulations to Dave Batchelor for an outstanding day.

When the results of the Ancient DBA Open, held earlier in the year, and the Medieval DBA Open are combined, and countbacks calculated, the final winners for the Christchurch DBA Open for 2012 are as follows:

  • 1st David Batchelor, Timaru (77pts)
  • 2nd Simon Phillips, Timaru (77pts)
  • 3rd Brian Sowman, Christchurch (69pts)

In addition the new “Phil Barker Cup” was awarded to the highest ranked Christchurch Wargames Club member on the day. Here it can be seen being presented to Jim by Brian the organiser of the DBA Open.

Another excellent DBA event and I look forward to future events during 2013. Perhaps I may even get that new army painted for the next competition…

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